Thursday, August 28, 2008


When my youngest son, was about 6 years old he attended the Academy Arts Summer Camp. He learned how to sing in sign language “ Somewhere Out There” from Fivel and the American Tale. He was an adorable curly haired little boy who took his role very seriously. To me it was just yesterday, but now he is 30 years old and has lost most of his curls. I dedicate this writing to him

Somewhere out there your dreams will come true
Somewhere out there,
there is a God who loves you

Your plans have taken you far from home
But know that from your mother’s heart you’ll never roam
I bless you and love you.
I pray for your success.

Make God number one and he will do the rest.

and you will fly.


Vicki G. said...

Awww!! Please pass the Kleenex.....

Karla said...

Awesome. Nice picture too.

Linda Jacobs said...

It's amazing how fast the years fly by! Nice post!

Granny Smith said...

Somewhere each child will find his own destiny, but when they are still small we can help to shape it. I wish the best for you and your son.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely piece, and your words are so true.

Lucy said...

As a mom, I can relate to the love in your heart as your remember your sons sweet achievement. Your poem is so tender.