Thursday, August 14, 2008


I had reservations about using the name Dreamswept but I would do anything to please my Granddaughter including standing on my head. (Which of course I can’t do) But after thinking about it a bit and doing some internet research. I decide that it would be a good name and it brought me back to the time that I had a life like dream where I was lifted up into the heavens and saw the great light that everyone talks about. I felt great peace and love. It was more than mere words could describe. Then a voice spoke to me and asked questions. I communicated without talking. (Don’t ask me what was said because I couldn’t remember even immediately after I woke up.) After communicating for awhile I started drifting away from the light. As I returned to my body I woke up and felt my whole body tingle like the pins and needles you get when your foot falls asleep. The next day I gave a talk to a youth group and was able to help many of the young people with their struggles and pain.

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Karla said...

That's awesome. I didn't know you had a blogspot. Cool.