Sunday, August 23, 2009

The beginning of our cross - country trip

If driving across the country is as difficult as trying to find the right vehicle. This is going to be an interesting road trip. My husband and I have looked at everything from a SUV to a Motor Home. Working within a certain budget also makes the descision more difficult. We need something that doesn't have too many miles, gets reasonable gas mileage, rides comfortably and could tow a light weight trailer. Yesterday we had test drive number 243 ( just joking) and drove a conversion van. It was very clean, low mileage and comfortable. ( But no potty) It was perfect until we pulled back in their driveway and the steering column wouldn't go into park. Just a small glick said the guy. Hmmm a small glick could be a big one if we are parked on a hill in Colorado. Perhaps we should let a mechanic check this out first. We saw the perfect small motor home on craig's list but the people won't call us back. It would be nice if they at least told us that it has been sold. Then we saw another small motorhome that was very nice inside but the gas mileage was so bad that we could stay in hotels for a year and not waste as much money. I think I am tired before the trip has begun.

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