Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Anointing of God

How do you share God’s love on a blog? If I was in the room with you then I could touch you and you would feel his power flow through my hands to you. The power would cause you to tremble or perhaps faint. I have had grown men fall to the floor from the touch of my hand. But understand that the power only happens when I am with other believers for God would not have a mere man or women receive the glory for such an event . No - for the power is from HIM. If you lift up your voices and call on the Lord - he will come. No more waiting for the anointing of God -it has begun. Lord, Lord let your fire fall.

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Karla said...

I think there is a special holy place created when we meet together as believers. However, I think we can carry His presence so fully that we can touch a person on the street and they will feel the power and love of God. The presence of God is tangible, as you say, and it overflows from us to those around us. I think we learn to carry Him through intimacy with Him and through impartation from gathering with other believers.

How indeed to demonstrate it through a blog? That is the difficulty. I have picked up a book before and felt the presence of God as I read so maybe He can anoint our writing.

People can communicate in an unloving fashion via writing so I think love can be communicated as well, though having it felt tangibly is different yet I think possible. All things are possible and Jesus said we would do greater things than He.

I see many bloggers so antagonistic against those who are not believers. I aim to provide a place of interaction where people can ask questions without being blasted with truth. Some atheists have told me they see I am not like the others out there, others don't see the difference past their anger towards the Church. Even still I think truth can get through and minister to the heart.